Can I ask for a copy of a match?
You can ask for both matches and documentaries, in a single 120 min VHS tape (normally for a single match), a 240 min VHS tape (normally for two matches) or a DVD (one match).

Can I ask for a title which is not in your site?
Yes, do not hesitate to ask us about titles not listed in our site, because the catalogue may not be fully updated.

What is the payment method ?
Please, contact us using the option ‘Contact’ in the menu bar.

Do you charge for postage and packaging?
The post charge depends on the destination: Italy, Europe or oversea have different prices. Please, contact us.

Do you accept international orders ?
Yes, we do. But remember: we can only provide videos in either Pal VHS or ‘Region 2’ DVD format.

Can I use the site to send a gift ?
Yes, you can. Contact us.

Is it possible to swap tapes?
Yes, it is. Just send us your videos catalogue indicating the matches you want to exchange.