About this web site



What is the content of this web site?
You can find here my collection of thousands of football matches, available on DVD. Although most matches are complete, sometimes they’re just a summary. Please check out the running time! Moreover, you can find some memorable tennis and basketball matches, European and World Athletic Championships and a lot of hours from Olympic Games!

How do I find specific titles in your site?
Click on “search” option in the menu bar For a match, write the complete match title, for instance “MILAN – INTER” For a single team, type in just the team name, for instance ”LIVERPOOL”.

What do you mean with your quality levels?
DVD: master DVD copy from digital source; Master copy: perfect quality video from analogue source; excellent: very good quality, not perfect though (in particular old matches); good: medium quality with some imperfections about colour or brightness; low is …low (only for real fans).

Where is PastFoot based?
PastFoot is located in the Eagles’ city in Italy.